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Employee Newsletter | Issue 4 | January 2023

Advancing Eyecare:
Our name is our mission

We’re growing and expanding our offering to help doctors do what they do best — to practice medicine with the best products and to provide optimal patient outcomes. 

Watch our new corporate video to learn about all the capabilities our Advancing Eyecare companies bring to our customers.

2022 Year in Review

Happy New Year! As we begin 2023, it’s a great time to reflect on everything we’ve accomplished in 2022. 
And these are due to our talented team members who work together to make it happen. Take a look to celebrate some major milestones from last year!


Santinelli joins the Advancing Eyecare Alliance


Advancing Eyecare is acquired by Cornell Capital


Expansion and relocation of Santinelli headquarters to Jacksonville, Florida 


Veatch joins the Advancing Eyecare Alliance


Centralized Platform Integrations and Implementations: Salesforce, SAP, ServiceMax


Enhanced Company-Wide Training Initiatives:

Safety, Diversity & Inclusion, Performance Evaluations



inbound customer calls completed


6.4 million

marketing emails sent



customers made a purchase



shipments sent out by our AEC teams



tradeshows attended & staffed



service requests completed



items produced by AEC Manufacturing

Advancing Eyecare Manufacturing Team Reaches a Production Milestone

The time has come! In November, the tremendous team at our manufacturing facility in Belleville, Canada, has set a new record of 300+ units produced in a single month.

Precise planning, effective problem-solving, and strong teamwork have empowered this group to produce more than they’ve ever done before.

Supporting divisions in Canada, the US, and Mexico (not to mention our distribution network), Advancing Eyecare Manufacturing is a major differentiator that sets AEC apart.

Congratulations to our amazing team in Belleville!

Employee Spotlight
Meet Joey Argott

Meet Joey Argott, our talented Warehouse Manager based out of our Ophthalmic Instruments Irvine office location. He is responsible for shipping, set-ups, receiving, freight, and morehe humbly calls himself a “one-man show”. He’s been with the company for over two years and brings over a decade of warehouse experience and expertise to AEC.

A Long Beach, California native, he loves spending time with his family and enjoys making handmade rugs. He has two cats, Eleanor and Alice (and Alice weighs nearly 20lbs!). 

 Here are a few fun questions we asked Joey: 

  • What do you like most about your job?
    The best part of my job is the people I work with.
  • What, if anything, are you currently binge-watching? Or reading?
    I’m currently really into One Piece, and anime series. I’m a nerd lol!


  • What’s one thing on your bucket list?
    I’ve always wanted to climb Half Dome in Yosemite. I just have to work on the fear-of-heights part.  🙂


  • Do you think pineapple belongs on pizza?
    Indeed it does! Especially with jalapenos. 

Thank you for all you do, Joey!

Advancing Eyecare Around the Holidays

Advancing Eyecare has been busy this holiday season. From our pumpkin decorating contest back in October, to Thanksgiving Day Parade appearances, and all of the various AEC holiday celebrations, we hope you enjoy these pictures of AEC employees getting into the holiday spirit!


Interested in joining the Ambassadors Team?

The AEC Values Ambassadors meet monthly to brainstorm, promote, and reinforce our four key values across our entire employee base. If you are interested in becoming an ambassador, fill out this form.

Welcome to All of Our Recent New Hires!

Vicki Kelsey-Lowe

Margaret Dean

Molique Coates

Diego Mora

Kristofer Freed

Lennin Reyes

Wilhelm Chira Service, Toronto, Canada

Cherianne Cramer Accounting, Jacksonville, FL

Nivethaa Kulendran Service, Toronto, Canada

Paul Micenko Marco Area Manager, North FL Territory

Logan Miller Core Territory Manager, Ohio Territory

Gates Muller Core Territory Manager, Chicago, IL Territory

Guillermo Quinonez Sales Representative, Mexico

Kevin Rodillas Accounting & Financing, Toronto, Canada

Henry Xiong Service, Toronto, Canada

Lisa Anderson Sales Support Specialist, Jacksonville, FL

Logan Crow Field Service Technician, Kansas City, MO

Aaron Garcia Warehouse/Inventory Control, Elk Grove, CA

Cedric James Temp Processing Return/Credit, Norfolk, VA

Jesus Nino Field Service Technician, Garland, TX

Kirby Richardson Field Service Technician, Greensboro, NC

Jennifer Gillispie Sales Specialist, Garland, TX

Tonza McLeod Temporary RMA processing, Jacksonville, FL

Alexis Ambeault Sales - Ophthalmic, Toronto, Canada

Gerrod Bookhard Warehouse Associate, Jacksonville, FL

Tisha Lee A/P Clerk, Jacksonville, FL

Abraham Sanchez Services, Mexico

Alexis Ambeault Sales - Ophthalmic, Toronto, Canada

Gerrod Bookhard Warehouse Associate, Jacksonville, FL

Tisha Lee A/P Clerk, Jacksonville, FL

Abraham Sanchez Services, Mexico

Alexis Ambeault Sales - Ophthalmic, Toronto, Canada

Gerrod Bookhard Warehouse Associate, Jacksonville, FL

Tisha Lee A/P Clerk, Jacksonville, FL

Abraham Sanchez Services, Mexico

Welcome to ALL of Our Recent New Hires!

  • Colleen Arbus 
  • Donald Boyd
  • William Ferguson
  • Drew Giles
  • Duane Mitchell
  • Bailey Moran
  • Elizabeth Ortiz
  • Alexander Popovich
  • Jon Botelho
  • Ayla Gencer
  • Audrey Legault
  • Wuhillmens Lopez
  • Harley Orrell
  • Rodolfo Pestano
  • Kellen Weiss


  • Henry Alix
  • Makayla Beatty
  • Edgar Garcia
  • Erika Hernandez
  • George Horner
  • Jonathan IP
  • Shane Kausch
  • Zack Mcglennon
  • Nicholas Narciso
  • Andrea Sinclair
  • Tyrice Thomas
  • Kenneth Baker*
  • Joey Brogno
  • Michelle Castaneda*
  • Jadon Chavez
  • Kenzie DeVocht
  • Everardo Fierro
  • Ian Gregg 
  • Victor Guzman*
  • Eric Khamsiri
  • Aliya Larkin
  • David Logan
  • Dennis Mitich*
  • Dominic Paredes
  • Gerald Pesca
  • Danielle Romero*
  • Jodi Toews
  • Kyna Veatch*
  • Matther Volk
  • Rinika Wallace

    *Welcome to our new Veatch Team!
  • Laura Veronica Torres Cuevas
  • Eric Dockery 
  • Brian Hill
  • Philip Hughson
  • Audrey Jones
  • Jesse Mason
  • Korey Monroe
  • Colby Parks
  • June Palad
  • David Readman
  • Steven Schneider
  • Ian Villaescusa
  • Sara Zahmatkesh

Happy 35th Anniversary to INNOVA and David and Victor Spear!

August to December Work Milestone Anniversaries

Thank you for your hard work & dedication over the years!

30+ years

Jim Campbell
Dawn Grier
Robert Kalapp
Jeff Parker
Don Quinn
Thanh Tai Ha
Jerry Talliere

15 years

Michel Garand

10 years

Tom Arendt
Joshua Smith

5 years

Jon Erik Aragon
Matthew Arnold
John Carnevale
Michelle Castaneda
Patricia Casillas Ruelas
Amy Dunn
Matthew Francis
Mike Jaynes
Greg Migdall
Kristen Tischler

Congratulations to AEC Employees on Their Recent Promotions!

Henry Alix – Team Lead – Bench Technicians 

Brandon Henry – Service Manager

Dave Lauer – Vice President Information Technology

Lydia Le – Vice President Customer Strategy

Audrey Legault – Sales Representative SOR Division  – Quebec 

Susan Schofield – Sales and Marketing Manager

Alex Swanson – Territory Sales Manager

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