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Employee Newsletter | Issue 3 | August 2022

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S4Optik 10 Year Anniversary

Happy 10-year Anniversary S4Optik!

Last May, the S4Optik staff participated in a special celebration to commemorate the company’s 10-year anniversary. The day started with specialized customer service training and employee integration activities. Later, staff and their families gathered at a country estate to share food and typical Jalisco drinks – there was even a cake in the shape of an OCT! Sales leader Eduardo Portillo led a short presentation which presented commemorative silver pins to honor long-term employees.

Congratulations to everyone at S4Optik and thank you for serving the communities of Mexico and Latin America for the past 10 years. You are a vital part of the Advancing Eyecare Alliance, and we thank you for your dedication.


The Next Phase of Growth for Advancing Eyecare

As the demand for eye care continues to drive market growth and the industry transitions toward more advanced technologies and digital capabilities, our talented team is continuing to innovate to meet comprehensive customer needs as an end-to-end service provider. We are making a difference and it’s being recognized. In order to meet the demands of tomorrow, we are continually taking actions to best position the business for long-term, sustainable growth today. With that, we are pleased to share that we have been acquired by Cornell Capital, a private equity firm based in New York and Hong Kong.  

The team at Cornell has extensive experience partnering with strong management teams like ours to drive growth, scale infrastructure and capitalize on opportunities with new markets. They are fully committed to enhancing our capabilities, further support our customers and foster positive patient outcomes.  

Summer UV Safety Month

According to Cancer Research UK, “Getting a sunburn just once every two years can triple your risk of melanoma skin cancer compared to never being burnt.” We all know the importance of wearing our sunscreen on long days outside, but it’s actually recommended that we wear sunscreen everyday, regardless of how long we plan to spend outdoors because of how powerful the sun’s UV rays are. 

UV rays aren’t just harmful to our skin either! They also affect our eyes and can lead to cataracts, cornea damage, and vision loss without proper protection over time. 

Easy Ways to Avoid Those Harmful Rays! 

  1. Be sure to apply sunscreen when you know you’ll be spending time outside 
  2. Wear (fun) hats to protect your eyes and face 
  3. Oh, and don’t forget your sunglasses! 

2022 Values Nominations

It’s that time again! Value nominations are in and we’re excited to announce the winners very soon. Be sure to tune in to the live Town Hall on Thursday, August 4th to find out who the 2022 AEC Values Award recipients will be.

Marco Photoshoot

On Thursday, June 23, 2022 marketing held a photoshoot in Jacksonville, FL at the Marco headquarters.  A big “thank you” to everyone who helped make it a success, from the techs who set everything up to our amazing model volunteers! We were able to get some fantastic new photos, and you may see some people you know in future marketing materials.  Enjoy these behind-the-scenes photos!  

Employee Assistance Program/Cigna Mental Health Resources

We’re halfway through 2022, and it’s been a long year! We want to make sure everyone is taking care of themselves. It can be easy to overlook mental health issues, but we want to encourage you to take advantage of the resources available to you. Click on the images below to access the links.

Emotional Health Resources

Talkspace Online Therapy

Even More Education-Based Tools

These are resources available through Cigna. If you are not enrolled in our health plan benefits, you may need to refer to your healthcare provider for mental health resources.

Dry Eye Awareness Month

July was Dry Eye Awareness Month! Did you know dry eyes can cause much more damage than just feeling uncomfortable? “Dry eye can have lasting, damaging effects if left untreated,” said Jeff Todd, president and CEO of Prevent Blindness. “An exam by an eyecare professional can equip patients with a treatment plan that protects vision and improves mental health.” A recent study also found that mental health may also be affected by dry eyes.  

Welcome to All of Our Recent New Hires!

Vicki Kelsey-Lowe

Margaret Dean

Molique Coates

Diego Mora

Kristofer Freed

Lennin Reyes

Wilhelm Chira Service, Toronto, Canada

Cherianne Cramer Accounting, Jacksonville, FL

Nivethaa Kulendran Service, Toronto, Canada

Paul Micenko Marco Area Manager, North FL Territory

Logan Miller Core Territory Manager, Ohio Territory

Gates Muller Core Territory Manager, Chicago, IL Territory

Guillermo Quinonez Sales Representative, Mexico

Kevin Rodillas Accounting & Financing, Toronto, Canada

Henry Xiong Service, Toronto, Canada

Lisa Anderson Sales Support Specialist, Jacksonville, FL

Logan Crow Field Service Technician, Kansas City, MO

Aaron Garcia Warehouse/Inventory Control, Elk Grove, CA

Cedric James Temp Processing Return/Credit, Norfolk, VA

Jesus Nino Field Service Technician, Garland, TX

Kirby Richardson Field Service Technician, Greensboro, NC

Jennifer Gillispie Sales Specialist, Garland, TX

Tonza McLeod Temporary RMA processing, Jacksonville, FL

Alexis Ambeault Sales - Ophthalmic, Toronto, Canada

Gerrod Bookhard Warehouse Associate, Jacksonville, FL

Tisha Lee A/P Clerk, Jacksonville, FL

Abraham Sanchez Services, Mexico

Alexis Ambeault Sales - Ophthalmic, Toronto, Canada

Gerrod Bookhard Warehouse Associate, Jacksonville, FL

Tisha Lee A/P Clerk, Jacksonville, FL

Abraham Sanchez Services, Mexico

Alexis Ambeault Sales - Ophthalmic, Toronto, Canada

Gerrod Bookhard Warehouse Associate, Jacksonville, FL

Tisha Lee A/P Clerk, Jacksonville, FL

Abraham Sanchez Services, Mexico

Welcome to ALL of Our Recent New Hires!

  • John Bulpit
  • Molique Coates
  • Margaret Dean
  • Kristofer Freed
  • Gabriel Gareau
  • Vicki Kelsey-Lowe
  • Abuzar Khojaly
  • Diego Mora
  • Lennin Reyes 
  • Jarrett Bruce
  • Cristina Solorio Cruz
  • Vincent Doyle
  • Eduard Kozma
  • Aaron Perez
  • Lise Senechal
  • Vasquez Diego Fernando Villasana
  • Charles White 
  • Agnes Augustin
  • Christopher Allen
  • Isabel Claudia Roldan Cruz
  • Ronald Curran
  • Matthew Kendra 
  • Matthew McKenna
  • Danielle Tekonchuk
  • Kyle Rose
  • Kaleb Orr
  • Mendez Santiago Guerrero
  • Ryan Whitaker
  • Gabriel Alatishe
  • Bryson Carter
  • Julie Fournaise-Auclair
  • Amy Hernandez Gonzalez
  • Brittany Lozoya
  • Tien Ly 
  • Scott Pretty
  • Moreno Francisco Rodriguez
  • Augutus Russ
  • Jose Santos
  • John Virissimo
  • Ainsley Whalen
  • Jonah Blodgett
  • Luis Hung Chiang
  • Steven Donahue
  • Ronald Dinnebeck
  • Chris Gilchrist
  • Ariana Gutierrez
  • Decker Herring
  • Sarah Horner
  • Lara Faustino Loza
  • Tonza Mcleod 
  • Blair Reid
  • Aaron Rendy
  • Gregory Ruppel
  • Lynsey Strohl
  • Jeremy Talsma
  • Kyle Wannamaker
  • Wen Wen
  • Laura Veronica Torres Cuevas
  • Eric Dockery 
  • Brian Hill
  • Jesse Mason
  • Colby Parks
  • June Palad
  • Sara Zahmatkesh

Happy 35th Anniversary to INNOVA and David and Victor Spear!

January to July Work Anniversaries

Thank you for your hard work & dedication over the years!

30+ years

Franco Aluigi
Bill Barnes
Debby Elder
Lou Joyner
Tai Ngyuen
Gerard Santinelli

25 years

Adrienne Lauro
Harry Clark Smith

20 years

Mayah Bowen
Patricia Morales Sanchez

15 years

Meghan Jeffords
Krista Staudt

10 years

Stephen Deleeuw
Aaron Logan
Jay Mapson
Kevin Meyran

Russell Trawicki
Christine Van Assche

5 years

Sammiyyah Bridgers
Janet Brier
Angela Davis
Michael Ferraro
Eric Jones

Charles Little
Joshua Olberding
Alicia Thompson
Josiah Williams

Advancing Eyecare is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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