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Pure&Clean Vision

The Natural Choice for Eye Care Professionals

Pure&Clean® products contain Hypochlorous (HOCl), a molecule naturally produced by the human body’s immune system to fight invading pathogens. Additionally, all products have a long, 24-month shelf-life that is not affected by opening the bottle.

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Pure&Clean® Vision Hand Prep


Pure&Clean® Vision Hand Prep is a natural, safe, and effective hand cleanser that won’t dry out your skin. No sting formula, non-irritating. Great for use prior to handling contact lenses.

Pure&Clean® Vision Daily Lid Cleanse

Pure&Clean® Vision Daily Lid Cleanse is a natural formula used for irrigating and cleansing the eyelids and lashes while also helping to manage and attend to the intact skin around the eye.

Pure&Clean® Vision Daily Lid Drops

The natural formula of Pure&Clean® Vision Daily Lid Drops effectively reduces symptoms of MGD, Dry Eye, and other ocular conditions.

Pure&Clean® Vision Daily Lid Gel

Reduce symptoms of Blepharitis, Rosacea, and other ocular conditions with the all natural formula of Pure&Clean® Daily Lid Gel.

Pure&Clean® Vision Equipment & Surface Prep

Pure&Clean® Vision Equipment & Surface Prep is a safe, highly-effective, and eco-friendly cleanser for medical equipment and surfaces.


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